The Grow

Our farm is indoors so we can maintain the cleanest environment possible for crop production. This also allows us to control the temperature, humidity and light cycle to create the optimal growing environment for our plants. Additionally, this gives us the option to continue growing year-round. Our system allows us to ignore the limitations of seasonality and produce all varieties of microgreens year round. 

That means that what is typically available in the summer we can provide in the winter and vice-versa, giving our clients endless possibilities for their culinary needs. In addition, we are a grow-to-order farm- you ask for it and we'll try and grow it. 


The Brass Tacks

We grow our microgreens with the basics- water and artificial sunlight. We use cori pads instead of soil, which are recycled coconut husks so we can deliver our plants alive. In addition, we do not use any fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides, ensuring the purest possible product for our clients. 


What are Microgreens